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Kingdom of Railways at Vienna’s Prater

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At Vienna’s Prater there is a new model railway - Kingdom of Railways (Königreich der Eisenbahnen), combined with a WOODY children’s exhibition.

In August 2020 a new family attraction opened its doors at Vienna’s Prater park. The permanent exhibition opened with the construction of a giant model railway, representing Vienna with other attractions at display. Every year the exhibition is growing meters at a time, showcasing different parts of Austria.

Our wooden collection of WOODY trains and train-set accessories also make up part of the exhibition. In the section devoted to families with children, we have prepared a big display of toys from the WOODY collection. Visitors can take a look at Vienna’s skyscrapers, build pieces from the WOODY wooden construction set. Children are transported to a world of trains and with selected models they can choose their own routes at the playing tables that surround the exhibition. And that’s not all!

When you go to Vienna, make sure you step by and see us. We look forward to your visit!

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