Our award-winning


The prestigious award of the shop chain “Sparkys”. The first annual competition was organized in 2008, when voting was held with the participation of both the public and an expert jury. „The project Toy of the Year is designed to help parents find their way through the inexhaustible quantity of toys that our market offers nowadays. When companies register their products into the competition, they first have to meet demanding quality criteria. They also have to enhance the interest, creativity, and independence of the child,“ says Katharine Butler, initiator of the project and owner of the Sparkys toy shop chain.


This award is presented by the organization “Association for Toys and Play”, established in 1990. It focuses especially on the pedagogical-psychological, health and safety, art, production, and commercial aspects of play items with the objective of catalyzing growth in the quality of toys in the market in the interest of developing the child’s personality and valuable playtime in general. Every year, an expert jury made up of representatives of the Association of Pre-school Education, Faculty of Education of the Charles University, Union of Visual Artists (toy section), and Association for Toys and Play makes an assessment of the registered toys.