Wooden toys Woody is a brand that is constantly being developed with the help of our experienced designers. Based on the Czech toy manufacturing tradition, Woody positively responds to customers, parents and teachers suggestions for improvement initiatives. Woody range currently contains more than unigue 500 items.

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Didactic toys

Toys that develop a child’s motor skills are one of the first ones the child should be exposed to during development.

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Blocks, building sets

The cubes are made of high quality solid wood and are manufactured with precision. They are intended primarily for building, but some also serve as a didactic tool for developing motor skills and cubes with letters help create the first words of a child.

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Puzzles, jigsaws, picture cubes

Our offer contains several different types of jigsaw puzzles. Starting from the easiest ones with knobs for the youngest children to a more complex lock system suitable for older children.

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Family games and brain teasers

The games help to develop concentration, logic and competitiveness. Simultaneously, the child gains new knowledge and skills.

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Railway sets

Our product range also includes very popular systems of train layouts and their accessories. The basic sets can be extended further and completely original sets can be created. Parents like to participate with the children in assembling the train layouts, which only encourages and motivates the child to independently play later.

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Pretend play

The pretend play evokes children's fantasy. The child ́s communication skills and social feelings are being developed at the same time.

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Musical instruments

We offer musical instruments coloured in very interesting ways. They are fully functional, easy to use and therefore suitable even for the youngest children.

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Small things for fun

Colours and fun motives form part of child’s world, so we offer items of daily use, kids jewellery and school supplies of colours and shapes. They are intended to make home and school life of our children even more colourful and fun.

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Entertainment at home and in the garden

Every child is very active and lively. Therefore, our offer includes the necessities connected with movement and active fun.

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